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The prevalence of using the Internet for finding out just about everything these days has spawned a whole cache of homemade teeth whitening suggestions. While the appeal of saving money on a homemade solution versus professional tooth whitening may seem tempting, it can easily backfire to not only disappoint you with the results, but also potentially cause damage to your teeth, gums… and wallet!

  • Tooth enamel is durable, but can be irreversibly damaged when scrubbed with overly abrasive materials. For example, household baking soda may appear to whiten teeth at first as it removes surface stains, however, with repeated use the enamel will wear away, leaving you with permanent discolouration, sensitive teeth, and the need for expensive restorative work. Baking soda, salt and peroxide – common ingredients in homemade whiteners – can irritate the throat and stomach if accidentally ingested, while gums can also suffer damage and irritation when subjected to foreign substances.

    Tooth whitening kits are rampant in today’s retail market. Be careful with those too – it’s important to recognize that the options laid out on drugstore shelves are designed to be “one size fits all”

  • remedies for discoloured teeth, but because tooth discolouration can result from so many different causes, there really is no common solution for everyone. In fact, only your dentist can give you qualified advice for the safest, most effective teeth whitening system for your individual situation.

    Professional teeth whitening systems as issued by the dentist use special precautions to protect your gums and the rest of your mouth. The whitening trays are custom-fitted for comfort and safety, while the bleaching agents are monitored for your specific requirements, and for maximum whitening results.

    You only have one smile. Doesn’t it deserve the very best care? Let’s discuss the safest, most effective options for your healthy and beautiful smile.